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Rosette Acacia: Asylum Backup Dancer/Singer by Kaliko08
Rosette Acacia: Asylum Backup Dancer/Singer
For Zikka for a request I resent a new (MAYBE) cannon character for my cast of Sirens Asylum Rosette
She is feisty, romantic, hard-headed, unusually temperamental and a violent swinger she enjoys a good fight when deserved on a person hurting her friends/coworkers, she hates perverts and those who get 'Touchy' with her or anyone, she's prone to rising her voice in different tones when she's stressed out or scared, she also has a soft side as she hopelessly loves a well-groomed guy or any gut who shows interest in her, Rosette has one wish: And that is to True Love one day even after death in demon form, she found new form hope in her when she met Khasisty her mentor and room-mate in the Asylum, if she can find ever-lasting happiness maybe SHE can too.

Rosette is requested by Zikka art-style belongs to me Kaliko08

Idea of Siren Asylum came to me inspired by VivzMind 
Gift for @Zikka Connie and Valen

This is for a good friend Zikka due to abit of a good chatting we become friends so I made this as a gift.

I'm working on the relationship between them in detail in summary: They have a healthy friendly best-friends with benifits and enjoy each others company even in sex wise, they are kind, caring, and thoughfull towards one another. Valen loves Connia dearly and will do anything for her happines as mush as Connie will go to any length to make him happy.

Valen Hart and NirrorTricks belongs to Zikka 

Connie belongs to Kaliko08 

Hazbin Hotel and Zoophobia belong to VivzMind 

Khasistys Relationship Arackniss Now

Khasisty to Arackniss: At first glance he wants nothing to do with Khasisty and will be delighted (if he ever showed it) to be away from a girl who causes that much trouble for herself…than again he hasn’t had this much of a thrill since he stopped hanging around with his brother and working for his old man doing grunt work aint doing much for him, one day during a meeting for “Big Bosses of the Realms” he was asked to escourt a V.I.P, and it was Khasisty as soon as their hands touched for greeting there was a strange ‘lingering’ in the atmosphere as they stood there for a good minute, but constraints himself in a stern manner saying that he’ll do his best to keep her safe and he wanted to shoot himself when he learned the girl was more trouble than she looks, as she keeps disobeying his orders and dismissing his warnings to help out people in need or fight back when told not to IT DROVE HIM INSANE!!!; yet he finds it…thrilling yet again as he gets to kill more a-holes that come at here, and more to it he can see why as he spends more time with this dainty dame, she’s a bleeding heart, but she can hold her own ground when it comes down, then came a brutal strike to his body that almost made him die till Khasisty saved him in a ‘Amazing’ tingling way….that made him lose his senses and basically he just went nuts craving HER, biting her, kissing her, caressing those bouncy-…!? Well after what happened he decided to not tell anyone nor did she, IF he promised to come back to her and work part time, he declines her flowery offer stating he has priorities are of his own agenda, when they parted ways he started to feel empty…well more empty than usually as this feeling had a more sad hollowness to it, after realizing he had something POSITIVE with somebody else and seeks her out, when he does he went through a series of initiation and a membership… he saw Khasisty again and started to; in his own way warm up to her and eventually the hollowness became filled with something he not familiar with….it’s warm, it’s comforting, not as good as sex maybe better…love?: whatever he feels its keeping him sane with his moll whose a doll, he does an effortless job on making sure she’s safe and he gets paid by her upfront & personal.

Arackniss to Khasisty: She found him difficult and an obvious mess of a man…er…demon, he was rude, unresponsive, irrational, ill-tempered, poorly mannered, uncaring to others small or old, he has horrible habits, disrespectful and just plain stubborn, Khasisty wanted nothing to do with him, she knew him to be a general buzzkill as he kept telling her not to do anything that could benefit for her as well as for his own personal gain of sportsmanship, and always had to be the calm one when he loses his cool in battle and always pushes her aside like she herself couldn’t handle a fight, although aside from his crude and uncouth mannerism she did see a shine to him that no one bothered to see clearly he was strong because he struggles to stay above his normal self…or in his case calm self and because he knows he has an important person to a certain good (looney plus shady and dysfunctional) crowd of demons, she has never seen such a hard-working soul or more troubled while with him she decides to take it easy on him abit, BUT it came at a bad time when an unfortunate incident struck Arackniss badly and left him almost dead, so had to give him a ‘BOOST’ of her own source, which had an immediate hostile yet lecherous side effects as she was…pleasantly surprised to be forced on unprofessionally by him but she loved it in the back of her mind, he bit, kissed, grabbed, licked and su-?!?!? After what happened she made him a promise to not say a word about it to her “Mother “or anyone else on that matter, IF he’d promised to come back to her and work for her part time if he wishes, he leaves saying “No” stating he has his own thing, after that she began to reminisce on his ‘Uncouth’ behavior thinking back; she found his mannerism kind of cool, his brooding moods was somewhat easy to break whenever she spoke to him and his cool too, and he was a good gentleman when the moment called for it rather she wanted or not, and his smoking habits WERE kinda sexy, and he was a TOTAL BADASS which was exciting and a Hot; omg this maybe something she knows that’s very similar to lust…its love. As she thought about him for a week Arackniss did indeed come back, working part time for her as a bodyguard close to her side with Primea (her sister) as they work as ‘CLOSELY’ together unbeknownst to some of the staff and members of the Asylum, she spends a good amount of her time with him ‘tending to his needs’ or practicing her combat skills with him, having playful arguments that ends with a tie or basically keeping HIM out of trouble due to his more erratic behavior since last meeting, all and all as long as she sees that he gets paid happily she’s happy.


 Overall Dynamic: They both have a weird and fiery relationship that’s cohesive in its own way as Khasisty is an anchor for Arackniss’s irrational outbursts of rage and negativity while Arackniss provides her not only as her personal bodyguard/escort to places he is also provider in the terms of backbone when things get in a fight get heavy Arackniss is the one to end it swiftly when Khasisty goes too pacifist and will lecture her that the ‘Goody-goody sweet way’ isn’t always the best way often telling her that you gotta be more rough towards demon to make them give up information or give them both something they need on a ‘Soul Run’ and both take the teachings to a degree and learn to take it easy with each other, both have had a troubled past and are working it out together (begrudgingly on Arackinss’s part; you can think of a lot of reasons) and does his damnest to keep his cool when she has to be the grown up in the relationship in return he goes out of his own way to keep her safe, assertive and satisfied among those three, mostly satisfied by making her happy or proving she was right, both are very protective over each other’s well-being and gradually think the best about each other that they can overcome their demons and sins. As much as Arackniss doesn’t like being admitted he was wrong he sucks it up when it comes to matters with his girl, Khasisty is not one to gloat on ‘I told you so’ scenarios, Khasisty is not afraid to tell Aarackniss to piss off on a situation he thinks she can’t handle and Arackniss will often shove off Khasisty when it comes to dealing with his family. They both think they don’t deserve each other at times because they are VERY MUCH THE OPPISETES of one another and often have doubts about how they can make it work, Khasisty often tries consult him that it doesn’t matter to her, but it does to him and will stay quiet about, avoiding her to thinking it’s best not to talk about his insecurities (you know him too well) but Khasisty sees through this and takes his gun to make him talk, as for herself when she shuts herself out Arackniss does what he does… He stares at her till she spills the beans (which works) either way they both love each deeply and are sweet on each other in private, but Arckniss keeps it secret from everyone ESPECIALLY his brother Angel, usually they engage in foreplay in her bedroom that involves tongue, ribbons and lace, chains, and bunny ears along with other unspeakable things (that I will not mention) which entices Arackniss from his after killing a goon mid-rage mood, and Khasisty is willing to satisfy him enough to show a gleam of content in his spider eyes, which Arackniss is ALWAYS asking for in code “We need to talk about my payment” whenever he needs a moment alone with her, he will often take her dancing whenever the stage of the Swing Lounge is empty and he knows it makes her happy when he does this with her their relationship is an odd one and somewhat topsy turvy to others eyes believing that it won’t last but Khasisty and Arackiniss say to them “FUCK OFF”.

  • Khasisty will ease Arackniss by singing his favorite songs when he was a kid growing up to him
    • Arackniss goes nutts everyday seeing Khasisty dress in lace, it bristles his hair underneath his clothes with arousal
      • Whenever both are having a bad day, Khasisty puts on some jazzy walts and dances around her room while Arackniss watches her sway gracefully
        • Arackniss is surpisingly a very good dancer, maybe better than his brother Angel Dust
          • Khasisty sprouts bunny ears whenever Arackniss peaks her arousal or when she's in the mood for him...he doesnt complain about it
            • Arackniss SECRETLY enjoys the feel of her soft strawberry cream skin and will often kisses her most soft area (Ahemboobsahem)
              • Khasisty is not above to be brutaly honest with Arackniss whenever he is one of his moods that caused an insident
                • Arackniss enjoys whisky and scotch while Khasisty enjoys champange and cocoanut rum with mango juice
                  • Khasisty loves seeing Arackniss smoke his cigars, its really sex-appealing on him
                    • Both dont like it when somebody says they dont deserve each other...Arackniss takes it violently
                      • Whenever they're dancing together alone in the Swing Lounge Arackniss and Khasisty get suggessive on the dance floor

                          • Aracknniss and Angel Dust aka The Spider Bros that go in Hazbin Hotel and Zoophobia belong to VivzMind 
                            • Khasisty Secure and Primea belong to Kaliko08 

Rose's Oceania

One hour to pencil, one WHOLE day to ink, dry and erase, and finally five days to color than shade... it took a lot of thought and details to put into visual on this pic, AND I AM PROUD OF IT!!

This place is very secluded to Alastor and Feronia when Magnus brought them here when Veronica asked "I wished we had someplace to go for ourselves" in her homeland where everybody knew every stretch of the landscape, (well not everyone that is) Magnus suddenly trotted them trough a thick brush covered in quartz clusters, after a very bumpy navigation Alastor and Feronia's eyes were in awe by a beautiful sight, a hidden rose quartz cavern with an opening of a waterfall coming through and vegetation of rose trees grown to enormous sizes, grass growing fully despite being underground and a lake pooling from the waterfall with shards of rose quartz spiking out from the sides as well from the other side of the lake that was also covering the geode walls and as the sun hit the them, it made them all sparkle like something from a story Alastor heard once or seen in illistrations of novals, and Feronia just laughed in joy hugging both Magnus than her boyfriend on what a beautiful place to have a picnic and a swim.

Ever since that discovery from Magus's help Alastor has made it a ground rendezous place for him and his love to meet in secrecy whenever he wants to get away from his father or wants to have time for her alone and wants to talk to her, same goes for Feronia as she comes to the place for picnic with her love or spends her time next to him as he reads, she even 'Tempts' him to go for a swim with her (being the wild girl that she is sometimes she goes in without a suit: I dont think Gods weared swimsuits?) and Alastor is happy to oblige, picnic, glasses of champange from his loves vinard and swimming along with her in their own secret lovely spot minus the Elk? Alastor could take her here till he asks her hand in marriage and more!

Feronia and Magnus belong to Kaliko08 

Alastor belongs to LadyAnaconda 

Maidens of the Aviary :2 The Leaders and Soulful by Kaliko08
Maidens of the Aviary :2 The Leaders and Soulful

These are my last Maidens of the Aviary and the leaders/founders of said ethnic group.

Morgan: main colors are redwood, dark tan brown, light tan brown, orange, prawn red, copper and hazelnut with hazel eyes; her appearance is modeled after a pro surfer actually, only top part being a halter top with copper jewelry and a ruby broach on her chest with Feronia's family crest on her stomach and has beaded pearls on her thighs and midriff, with read highlights in her hair and branch designs in her wings as well as dip fingertips; personality, she speaks with a southern American accent she is not like any of the other maidens aside from talent for singing as she has no problem getting her wings dirty or messy and doesn't have much of proper eating etiquette when in polite company aside from this she is an honest and charitable soul willing to help out with gardening, mining,digging anything related to 'Dirt' she's got it and has a fierce protection over her flock kind as much as protecting the people, but mostly 'Princess Feronia' as she is the heir from Layla, who she looked up to the most and respected the most just like Bernice has, she is a tomboy, she is diligent, she is very down to earth, but can be very headstrong and brash yet she does it for a valient reasons, and can prove to be very good at multitasking she sings beautifully as she works under the sun with the locals. "Whistle while you work I say"

Bernice: main colors are water lily pink, rose pink, rose red, tender pink, shocked pink, ash pink, pale pink, peony, light pink, sugar almond pink, AND pearly pink for her eyes (I got alot of pink i know, dont judge); her appearance is modeled after a burlesque dancer with a one piece suit that has a rose quarts broach along with beaded pearls and thigh-high stockings she wears a pink golden necklace tied by a ribbon, her face has minimal make-up as she wears eyeshadow in different shades and stylelized eyelashes, her hair is long straight and with feather-like bangs, her wing designed after falling cherry blossom petals; personality she has a very soothing vibe to her voice, very calm, very mother-like and nurturing towards everyone she meets espacialy the children of the Freedomland, she is also the voice of reason, and wisdom among her flock for she has lived long enough to know who is worth of their trust and secrects or who is not, she also maintains the order on behalf of the land whenever Feronia's family is gone to business, (she also has ties with Feronia's REAL family before they passed), she is one of the most empathetic towards any being in pain and felt true sorrow whenever they were in pain, she also a true thespian as she can be a convincing actress on stage and off it when in a tight spot with trouble, along with acting skills she has an exquisite singing voice to boot "Sweetest people have sweetest voices"

-Berince and Morgan were close to Lailia (Feronia's biological mother) before she passed as they were best friends as well as servents to her, and were devestated when they saw the fate their mistriss welcomed, so that her daughter can live.

Berince see's alot of her old mistriss in the Princess (Feronia) as she often says this quote "You look and sound just like her..."

-If Morgan had a sining voice (Carrie Underwood) Bernice (Christina Aguilera)

-Both of them know the land better than the locals do, but still dont know SOME of its secrets it holds the Laelia did

-Bernice has a experience with nursing the ill and helping children with no homes, while Mogan assits the agriculture and contruction

-Whenever Alastor is the 'unfortunate' target' of Feronia's fury whenever he has done something wrong, Morgan will intervene and move Alastor away from his love til she simmers down, while Bernice tries to calm the flames of Feronia's anger

-Among anyone else Morgan doesnt like Zipcana at all, nor Xibalba because of his attitude towards Feronia, and Zipcana trying to sneak some rare fruit or jewls from the land

-Bernice is more loyal to the Pride Rufus is leading and towards his family along with Lady Epona

-The Maidens have a good relationship with Alastor and Marigold, they adore Feronia and care for her family

Bernice. Morgan, Laelia and Feronia belong to Kaliko08 

Alastor, Marigold and Zipcana belong to LadyAnaconda 

Xibalba belongs to Guillermo del Toro

My tablet, the only way I've been able to post and in forms of communicate with you guys: Has been infected with a virus, and in doing so most of my files have been glitchy, and I'm afraid going on DA through VIA tablet will be a problem majorly... What I'm trying to say is I won't be posting anything until I get this fixed, again, I'm sorry for my inconvenience, stay blessed.


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