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Come.... to the promiselands by Kaliko08
Come.... to the promiselands
I'm sorry if some of you have not been receiving art of this criteria I've been busy this couple of months, so here we go.

I picture Libertate to be a lush utopia of long tree's for miles as far as the eyes can see and for the giant tree... lets just say its bigger than any other tree in any pantheon has ever seen and has lived in Feronia's home since her "Parents" can remember it is often known as 'The Tree of Life' a symbol of freedom and new comers before and after life, the inhabitants themselves are former slaves or refugees of cynical, viscous, and awful people they were forced to call 'Master' or worse people of poor background and where tested with little respected because of where they came from and who they were, when they knew death was coming for them by either an iron fist from a tyrant or by natural causes they pray they be sent to a place where they and their families souls can FINALLY be free and make a living in the afterlife.... what they did not except was to be approached by a smiling bubbly girl with fire-like hair greeting them to their new home, their real home a home that she had made a promised to them when they asked for, covered in grassy fields of flowers open air and clear sky's for them to build that home, for them to return to the life they have always prayed for and dreamed for, in their hearts could never been more overjoyed with surrealism of it all, Feronia couldn't want a job that's more life-fulfilling than this, making people smile and freeing them from bad-circumstance as well as death by another fellow man, she does everything in her abilities to see the people who suffer, not be treated like their less than human or worse and is not above to use violence if pushed to the edge to do it... everything she does she does out of selfless love and it kills her to watch the slaves suffer a fate worse than death and one of them is just standing there doing nothing to help them as they take punishment for their pointless error. Feronia has been known to be a very fearless girl as well as sometimes irrational, but when she sees the sight of cruelty on an individual in anyway she springs forward on defense and WILL.NOT.BACK.DOWN. from confrontations if said person continues the wrong thing of action, she will fight tooth & nail for them as well as getting a small souvenir from it to showcase it that she came out alright, her land of freedom is one of the most fertile lands in and in any pantheons growing an amazing amount of crops from expensive exotic fruit to the most rarest flowers and minerals in the 9 realms, the soil itself has life producing canyons all over the lands and regions making it more than a land its basically another world; Which Feronia's family is extremely proud of but the tree is the crowning jewel of the giant utopia towering over the modern looking houses and buildings made by the once former slaves and saved freed-men, while the jungles hold the second most dangerous predators in the universe next to The Black Forest very few enter 'Sea's Grove Jungle' where the animals have reached the maximum capacity of giant beast to their evolutionary form, amongst that Feronia, her family and the local inhabitants help and keep the freed-man safe for their new home 'dangers' and help them with anything to make their after-lives better in the new way of doing things along with tagging along with their local celebration as thanks for all they've done for them.


-Libertate is as a large land or world about as big as Pandora from Avatar (the blue alien one)

-The Predators in Sea Groves Jungle are somewhat similar to the beasts of from One Peace movie 10 only more scarier looking (who Oda-sempai owns)

-The soil that covers the land floor all over Libertate has so many nutrients and rare minerals that gods from wealthy backgrounds often come to land just to take a piece of it for vacation rights, or use it to fertilize their own gardens in selfish ways, which Feronia's kindly declines.

-The local inhabitants that make up half and share the population of the land of freedom are called 'Maidens of the Aviary' that have been helping the slaves and refugees since Feronia has welcomed one at 4 years old and they have been local friends of the Lion Pride ever since often helping Feronia with dresses and grooming and will help the people out of danger from the Jungle; they resemble multicolored canaries of different shades.

-along with rich soil that cannot be bought and can grow anything in mass amounts it can also grow the most expensive minerals and stones known and unknown to gods and maybe mortals, gold, silver and precious stones like Opals, sapphire, rubies, emeralds, amethysts, topaz, sugalite, malachite as well as diamonds from the wazzo come from the everlife giving soil, making Feronia's home a hunters ground for the greedy and money hunters.

-Feronia's tree of life is her main living space for her and her family as she can climb in and out of 'Her' when ever she's allowed to and the inside is like living inside one big greenhouse without harming the tree, when she is feeling scared or lonely she climbs to the very top of the tree's canopy and looks at the night sky for stars. Its basically her palace of nature and wonders.

-The slaves will be freed by Feronia and be taken to the Promiseland by praying on a firestone/or a charcoal.

-Xibalba and Zipacna made a wager if the land Feronia lived in would we like her, or more like a jungle... it was a tie.

-Alastor's skeletal look often frightens some of the people as well as his father because of his European/Conquistador appearance and regal mannerism (history be mean on them)

-There is a special small lake called "Rose's Oceania" and Feronia will take Alastor there in their teen's for a swim or two or on romantic dates, only Magus knows this places location and occionally Feronia.

Alastor and Zimpacna belongs to LadyAnaconda 

Feronia and everything else I explained belongs to Kaliko08 
HH Comic #5:I cant even..literally cant even
:WARNING: Contains strong suggestions of sexual themes and hints of nudity involved more than the last on, plus more cursing: There will explicit details of said sexual activities to be known only as clues to the story and to the MATURE audience, some hints of nudity will be mentioned in detail and cursing if you can not handle such a thing YOU ARE A WUSSY AND GET OUT OF THIS PAGE, PLEASE: Thank you and please enjoy the rest of the story.

After going for what seems like days through the twisted weird and "TOO DECRIPTIVE" hallways of the Asylum for the detective and two guides finally reach the "Harem Wing" walking towards the doors, as they do Aaron couldn't help but notice there where three different large doors, one that is entirely black with silver handles very medieval and the second was topsy turvy in various tacky colors, but what made this feel abit off was how... quiet everything is in the hallway, finally they reached the last door, and it was an Indian luxurious looking massive set of doors, colored in pink, purple and aqua of every shade along with white and gold for the lining frame of the door living him abit awestruck on how fancy it is.

Aaron: Whistles)"Hell of a fancy door they got, sure must be well respected women to get something this nice for their room covering the door here" he says admiring the art and colors of the door before entering.

Khasisty: Chuckles awkwardly) "Yeah respected women... um you do know this is the 'Harem Wing' and these women are active in a different way right?" she says trying to sound as pleasant as possible in front of the detective while Primea was passing back and worth looking bluer than blue.

Aaron: " Yes, I know that Ms. Secure, I've seen cases similar to with THIS kind of stuff involved all the time I think I can handle what does on in there, besides Jairo Scars, Lockster and S7n said to be with the ladies inside and then been ordered to leave do to a 'Possession Episode' only this one was rather violent, nearly-" he was cut off by Primea who interrupted him yet again as she was trying to read the file but was again too short, so did the unthinkable and climbed on Aarons back piggyback style reading over his shoulder.

Primes: GruntingHI THAR! ) Killing- argh- one of the girls working inside, when he realized his error he tried killing himself spouting out psycho ramblings in a different before he slit his throat with a broken wine bottle, the one who died was S7n" she says as she was reading the lines with her robo finger to help her keep track of the words.

Primea:" Dudes dead but IF you can, go inside and ask Triple Tits, I'm sure one of them will give you deets on how and why it went down as it did... oh god give us strength." She says to Aaron but mutters the last part to herself in an uncomfortable manner pulling her hoodie over her face entirely.

Aaron knew something aside from the obvious was going on so desired to ask: "Ok what are we up against in there? S&M? Feet? Spanking? Ooof!-" Aaron gets punched in the stomach a fourth time as he was just listing some unspeakable kinks that rolled off his mind, received by Primes yet again and she wasn't even looking.

Primea: " Ok FUCK NO on the first one, and eeewwww on the second and lastly just no who would want- Never mind -.- they have those kinds of kinks and weird fetishes in the other SOUND PROOF DOORS!!" she shouted as loud as she could on her last words to prove her point across.

Khasisty: Shyly gets close to the two) What we are suggesting to say Aaron is that the girls inside are very 'Open' about their work and Passionate for each others bodies as well as for some of the clients that come over here for  Their... um..Hinata Finger Twiddle Icon -!"

Primea interrupts again finishing her sentence rather angry and vulgarly as she says: " THEY GO IN THERE FOR THE PLEASURE POOL PARTIES, THE THREE-WAY HIGH-WAY WITH LEGS, THE MOST POPLUAR DRINKING FONTAIN WITH 6 NUZZLES, THE 6 SCOOPS OF SINCREAM AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST THE QUEENS CONCUIBINES OF THE NIGHT!! NOW BUCKLE UP IMMA SMASH THIS DOOR DOWN!!" she all but yells at Aaron very angrily looking embarrassed and by her words but none the less she said it to get through to him as she was about to break down the big doors of the Harem girls.

Aaron and Khasisty : "WHAT?! NONONONONO!!! WAIT!" both said frantically as they saw their lil friend about to do something very reckless trying to stop her pulling her back but..


Was all that was heard from both sides of the room as all that was seen was a metallic boot with futuristic linings breached the very stylish Arabic décor of the main bedchamber for the Harem Wing, first one to enter was Primea with eyes covered by her hoodie feeling around to get a better vide of her surroundings, second came Aaron and lastly Khasity blushing a vibrant shade of pink knowing what's to come as they enter the living room section of the Harem with various cushions and furniture of good taste from the middle-east covered in certain.

Aaron: "Place kinda has a romantic vibe to it, and I'm surprise the door didn't break (looks around a bit more to scan the large room and bed of mass proportions) so where are the women you were talking about? He asks as he was done scanning the room for anything weird.

Khasisty: Sighs in relieve under her breath) Oh thank god they're not in the main bed; um I'm sure their some where around he-

"NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" she was interrupted yet again by a surprised scream coming from Primes from another room followed by various clattering of objects which caused Aaron to panic and rush towards the cause of it but was stopped by Khasisty's hand on his shoulder.

Khasisty: "Oh dear she's done it yet again, Jamila is that you dear?! She asks shouting at the other room to the person unknown to Aaron.

Aaron with his back turned: "Is she the one of the witnesses for the S7n victim?" He asks Khasisty as a vapor of green smoke along with a floating, stiff looking little Primea moving along with it and before Khasisty could answer back the green smoke began to take form before Aaron.

Aaron: "Ma'am I'm a detective with the I.T Department assigned here to investigate a frequent suicide that happened a couple of weeks I have a few questions about-001 - :icantbelieveit: + PLZ Boobs? He was in a middle of standerd questioning when he looked down to talk to the woman and got sidetracked by... her lack of LARGE modesty..."OHMYGOD YOU ARE NAKED!!!" Aaron says finally realizing what he was doing and staring at, turning around covering all four of his eyes.

The person who was supposedly named Jamila was a woman of average height and beauty with sea-foam green skin and emerald hair with bangs a grassy color, she had an owl look to her face and hair style as she had a beak with lipstick and horns sticking out of her head along with three large magenta colored eyes giving credit to her animal motif, but what DID NOT stand out was the woman's body shape, the flower tattoo's on her shoulders and... her Impressive looking breasts size, making Aaron blush like madness holding back a nosebleed.

Khasisty: Groaning in discomfort) "Oh Whoa! Jamila what the hell happened to your robe? Can't you tell we have outside help on BUSINESS. She tells her naked friend with no regards for clothing as she kept standing there listening to the Chanteuse nag on about the situation.

Jamila: "I'm sorry Rose, I couldn't find my robe and this lil monkey came in while I just got out of bed from a nap, sooooo's I had to improvise" she says as she lifts the now paralyzed Primea in her arms covering her LARGE BOLDNESS at last Primea's face however says that she's gonna kill a bitch somehow when its over, breathing very heavily.

Aaron with his face covered with a tablet showing the men they 'Entertained': Um... yes m-m'am I was wandering if you can answer some question about the case right now in the Asylum, I heard one of you may now this man you've may have known? He asks still a little uncomfortable with her barely covered naked body.

Jamila: leans in for a closer look, making 'THE GIRLS' bulge out abit) Hhhmm, Ooh right...S7nbad, such a tortured one he was before he offed himself and right on top of Connie, poor baby was all shaken up after the whole thing, usually the strongest out of all of us" she says speaking highly of her companion.

Aaron: face still covered) Connie? Is she willing to talk about what happened to her that night of what happened? He asks her as Khasisty grabbed his arm leading him somewhere.

Khasisty did not mind Jamila's nudity to an extent as she (Jamila) was leading the group through the large colorful bath chambers some with its own stalls, and eventually stops at a wall, but as Jamila pressed a hidden button within the wall it reveals to be a door that opens to another room with a staircase heading up.

Aaron was startled by the unfamiliar noise: "What was that sound?" he asks but heard another sound he was abit more familiar with.

???: AAAHHHPink Heart Icon " was a lecherous moaning

Aaron:Tomoyo Blushing Icon P-please tell me that's not what it sounds like and that's not who I think is up there doing what I PRAY SHE'S NOT DOING right now, because this is very seri- he was cut off when he heard the moaning get louder from the staircase even if they can't see it.

Aaron and Khasisty could only stand there as they heard, sinful singing being exchanged by two 'Elopers' and it got more awkward when they heard a third voice joining the two now becoming a threesome.

???: AAAHH~ AAAAHH~ OOOHH GO-OOD~ YESYESYESYESYESYESYESHeart ~AAAHHH~ HARDER,HARDER~XxX Emote  AAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH OH GOD~OH GODPink Heart Icon I WANT IT I WANT I WANT IT~Pink Heart Icon " the voices of pleasure cried out with grunting, before the door to it closes dramatically with a an auditable sound.


Aaron and Khasisty: GIF Steven Universe - Blushing Chiyo Blushing Icon  Gasping for breathe) "WHAT THE HELL!?!?" she both asked in extremely embarrassed anger from what they heard.

Jamila: Past Garnet Emote 1 giggles abit at their reactions) Aaah yes, the sweet melody of love being exchange in a bedroom layout, oh that's right I forgot to mention Connie's with Love-Kitty right now, cheering her up and I'm guessing Nagi decided to join in the fun as well~FREE flying hearts Icon she says feeling like she's missing out on the 'Fun' their having without her hugging Primea close her.

Primea: iternallyAY YO RUBY CHILL (F2u icon) AY YO RUBY CHILL (F2u icon) AY YO RUBY CHILL (F2u icon) AY YO RUBY CHILL (F2u icon) AY YO RUBY CHILL (F2u icon) AY YO RUBY CHILL (F2u icon) AY YO RUBY CHILL (F2u icon) AY YO RUBY CHILL (F2u icon) AY YO RUBY CHILL (F2u icon) AY YO RUBY CHILL (F2u icon) AY YO RUBY CHILL (F2u icon) AY YO RUBY CHILL (F2u icon) AY YO RUBY CHILL (F2u icon) AY YO RUBY CHILL (F2u icon) AY YO RUBY CHILL (F2u icon)  raging)

Aaron: "Well ma'am I hate to sound like a wet blanket, but we really need to wrap this up, and I need to talk to your friend about the case at hand please?" He says with his face still covered but making many hand gestures suggesting he would appreciate help.

Khasisty: "Please Jami we need to talk to her, she can lead us to the next person who may know what's going on with the killings of our clients and members" she says to her pleadingly.

Jamila: " Sighs) Ok ok, i'll go tell them to cut it short... for the good of the Asylum, plug up your nubs" she says as she hand Primea over to Khasisty to hold (very responsible) and opens the door once more to hear the sinful cries of the bedroom hymns. Than it closes again allowing Aaron and Khasisty to talk for a bit before the rest show up.

Aaron: "Love-Kitty? He asks looking at Khasisty for the answer as they both head back toward the main bedchamber with the paralyzed Primea in hand.

Khasisty: "Valen Hart, a frequent visitor of the Harem and now a member of the Asylum, he is a Tricksoul with a Caster named Valerie who is also a member" she says as she offers him a place to sit on the floor." Don't worry he can't go cloudy he's not like us demons" she says lastly.

Aaron: "That a fact, so how come we can't sit on the furniture" he asks motioning the chairs and sofa in front of them.

Khasisty: "Its better to play it safe than sorry, because you don't wanna know WHERE they've done it and how may times they've done it on where" she says in a bit of disgust of the thought of them never cleaning the places they've BEEN ON.

Before Aaron could respond the doors of the bathing chambers opened, revealing a Aqua demon with snake and owl-like features , but for some reason she looks like a raptor with four sets of eyes colored pink and yellow, her hair in a more dramatic owl-like motif with a set of larger set of horns on her head than on her bangs she was wearing lipstick, she has hair with different tonalities of Aqua to teal to pitch black reaching all the way to the floor, she was wearing a pinkish purple robe that also hit the floor, though concealing all of her body she was still the most beautiful one in the group, along side her was a VERY handsome Fox man with brown hair and red streaks along with red eyes and brown pupils his stare a smoldering one as he was holding on to the owl-serpent girl very affectionately, while holding on to the fox man was a blue one-eyed Nagai demon, extremely cute round face one eye like a Cyclops but very snake like that was colored a golden yellow with different shades fading out, her skin was a bit scaly but icy blue with normal skin along with a little slip of her pink robe Aaron could tell she had the same tattoo's on the same locations of the girl Jamila, her hair was long and wavy with porcelain blue and midnight blue fading into black wearing a deep shape of blue lipstick and had a Bindi.

Aaron: not guessing too hard) " You must be Connie I've...been hearing Ms. Secure talk about as of recently, I'm hear to ask you a couple of questions about a case you bare witness to an event that happened here while you were working? He asks the Aqua demon and in comparison she's quiet tall, not as tall as him but just reaching there.

Connie: " And you must be detective Aaron, if I may call you Aaron and yes I will answer a few of your questions BUT I think the real answers lie within the types that got filmed in here while I almost got killed" she says motioning towards the main bed where they busted down the doors from the canopy can another octobot but designed more cute looking and more exotic patterns as it hovers over her shoulder revealing a long chip that holds some clues that happened that night.

Aaron holding the octobot: " UHH...thank you miss Connie and I do apologize for the topic of descion, but if you just look he- he was interrupted by kissing noises coming from his left and saw who he had to assume was Valen and Nagai... French kissing.

Khasisty:AKCat-blush (Acchi kocchi) Peridot  "Ahem! Can the two of you make French style later!" she says to them both trying not to make Aaron more uncomfortable and the two stopped but didn't let go of one another, apparently the one called Valen spoke.

Valen Hart: "Duly sorry detective but you did interrupt us in a...Akihito Kanbara (Ahem) [V2] inappropriate time and we didn't-

Aaron: "I don't think you need to finish that sentence Mr. Hart! He says interrupting him before he could finish " Just tell me do you know this man?Shouta Kazehaya (Blushing all over) [V1] he says blushing like crazy from seeing him being kissed by a girl with half her robe and the other partially naked.

Valen Hart: "Can't say I did personally but I did hear from Connie babe that he nearly killed her and needed some consolement" he says holding one girl in his arm while winking at the other girl and rolled her eyes at him.

Primea: " AND BY CONSOLEMENT YOU MEAN FUCKING HER TILL SHE'S SORE!!!??"AY YO RUBY CHILL (F2u icon) she manages to swear off at him, do to the paralyzation wearing off on her mouth but was not finished yet" AND YOU, YOU SON-OF A BIITCHIN TITTY LICKING TWO-TIMING FUCKING ASS!!" she screams at him anger and at anger from Jamila for paralyzing her.

Jamila:Sweatdrop... " Oh my would you look at the time we wasted on you, why don't you all just take the recording outside and play it on the walls plus I heard the rest of the boys are hanging out in the 'Battle Palace now I'm sure you'll get more info there bye now!" she says politely shoving them out the room with evidence in hand, do to not wanting to be killed by enraging 'tween demon.

Aaron and Khasisty both sighed in exhaustion:Onion Boy 6 onion head 'sigh' "OMG that was embarrassing to handle and stand in THAT ROOM!!" They said at the same time collapsing on the hallway floors.

Primea: "Twilight Sparkle (Faceplant) plz faceplants ) I'm gonna kill them all, but lets see what's on that chip first though" she says through the floor still talking but unable to move an inch as Aaron was placing the video chip into the octobot and made a few weird beeps and noises till it projected a screen on the wall in the middle of the hallway and it showed.....AAAHHHHH~OOHH YEESSSPink Heart Icon 

Aaron:Ayumi Nosebleed Icon Ayumi Nosebleed Icon Ayumi Nosebleed Icon Ayumi Nosebleed Icon Ayumi Nosebleed Icon Ayumi Nosebleed Icon WAAAHH!? Was all that Aaron could say as he saw Connie joined by Nagia doing the Daisy Chain with the guy on the projector causing him to gush out blood.

Khasisty:Tomoyo Blushing Icon "OH MY- WOW!!!, Holy shit dude! girls is there anything you won't do with a- ok ok lets, uh.... lets fast forward this" she says blushing like crazy not minding the blood on the floor as Aaron picks himself up holding his nose with a tissue.


Khasisty and Aaron have become completely numb to the sexual displays impeded to the screen by each minute and each different position making them think its just like getting tired of watching porno.

Khasisty: " How long has this been going on? She asks making a bored face through the last clip just with Connie and S7n in the doing it up by roleplay and chains.

Primea: "Its been going on for like fucking 13 1/2 minutes man, when does this guy take a freaking break or eat lunch, something besides pounding her relentless" she says as she tries to look up at the screen but can't do to still being paralyzed, than heard what sounded like choking noises coming from the monitor.

: On the screen:
S7n: Et erunt mihi in vobis
Sim pariter in tenebris
Ego dilexi te, et peccata mea amico
Vein ad me, mea lux" he says speaking in some form of old Lange as he was choking Connie rambling on about something driving him nuts as he was about to slice her throat with a broken bottle looking sweaty and delirious.

S7n:Meus lux mea ego autem rogavi pro te ut venires ad me,
Et sacrificaverunt dis geniti revertimini ad me magna deum genetrix!!
Et offerre me Lamia!!" he says his last words as he slits his own throat spilling blood all over Connie making her scream in horror
:End of video:

Aaron: "Well, he was possessed by someone or something and he was preaching to some god, something tells me his friend may know something about, take me to the Battle Palace, if you would be so kind" he says standing getting serious as he puts on a new pair of shades.

To be continued...

Idea came from Hazbin Hotel and Zoophobia VivzMind

Aaron belongs to businessfetus 

Valen Hart belongs to Zikka 

Primea, Khasisty,Connie, Nagia, and Jamila among others I mentioned by made up names belong to Kaliko08
Connie Harem Ringleader of Siren Asylum by Kaliko08
Connie Harem Ringleader of Siren Asylum
This one I'm really proud of because she came out just the way I wanted!! ( Yay confidence!!)
Connie is cool minded, persuasive, and polite to all guests she meets as well as mature mannered and confident to boot to please her clients, for she sees this as a tool to fool them to get her to do as she wants instead of them, she manages the finances of the Harem for 'Harem Wing' (named after them) in the Asylum but often has to report to Breezy incase she and the girls miss work with performances on stage, they do have a more respectable part time job as traditional belly dancers and burlesque shows at times, and sometimes they entertain clients in their wing, Connie doesn't mind the job but wishes to find better hobbies outside of work, when off she hangs out with... You can say a very passionate Fox and she like the rest in loyal to Queen Alka.
Don't write mean comments
Valen Hart belongs to Zikka
Alka L. Neurotro and Connie belong to Kaliko08
The idea for this was my inspiration of Hazbin Hotel and Zoophobia belonging to VivzMind rightfully.
Nagia and Jamila: Harem Girls of The Siren Asylum by Kaliko08
Nagia and Jamila: Harem Girls of The Siren Asylum
One of the most beautiful and social active members in the Asylum: a small series I'm working on of my own design: They are apart of the Asylum's pleasure wing known as the Harem Wing that name speaks for itself along with Connie as the leader and 'Wife' of the group who fanaces and takes care of the group's fundings as well as manages the wing altogether from unwanted 'Clients'. Jamila and Nagia have been best friends since they were alive and now dead? In a since... Now they are very much in love with each other and will do anything for the others well being, they often display overly affectionate acts towards each other, and make people some crowds Jamila is straight forward and irrational at times, and loves receiving clients with dominant qualities, while Nagia is more calm in nature and loving while also providing a solution to the problem at hand, she likes being the one to lead while in entertainment with clients.
Please note THEY ARE NOT WHO THEY YOU THINK THEY ARE. They prefer to be called Escorts. No slut shaming names. And things mean like that, I'll post more on them when I get back from a trip from the island.
Nagia, Jamila and Connie belong to Kaliko08 along with The Siren Asylum and The City of Night
This idea came to me by VivzMind who owns Hazbin Hotel and Zoophobia
Khasistys and Primea Relationship by Kaliko08
Khasistys and Primea Relationship
Heres to kick things off for my own Hazbin Hotel fandom all in which belongs to VivzMind 

Khasisty to Primea: Primea sees her older sister more as a closest best friend than a sister at times, and at the latter she sees her view on it get switched, Primea’s apathetic view on life can often leave her annoyed with Khaisty’s bubbly and empathetic point of view of the world they live in, whenever she is trying to help another, Primea is always the one to stir her away from it because of the possible dangers, feeling like she needs to be the adult more than she intends to act, at first in ‘Life’ she did not like her at all, but after she saw her willingness to sacrifice herself for her ‘Brothers’ cause and love, her view on her changed and spent some time bonding together which turned into a sister-like friendship, than there came their unsightly death in a mafia shoot out and… now they’re in ‘The City of Night’ living they’re bests and worse moments together collecting souls, making life an adventure (Bloody murder or helping with murder as long as they collect the souls they’re after) the best way they can in Primea’s point of view as long its wild and or crazy( but nothing too sleazy ) they have fun together and she protects her sister from unwanted harm. Though there are time when Primea gets frustrated with Khasisty for not sticking up for herself (that’s changes) or she goes about doing things she doesn’t approve of, like helping strangers, giving some money to a poor kid or walking up to a poor kid, going out in the city by yourself, hooking up with guys, Especially if the guy is a ‘Short Mobster Spider’ that is nothing but trouble and a constant killjoy, this only grew prominent as she is now a sidekick to him whenever he comes to visit, Primea does not like her sisters choice in love-life and will try to talk her out of it by all means but after seeing an honest act of selflessness she had no choice but to trust her for once, but still she can’t but feel like she’s being betrayed by her, there will be a moment were they will face each other about this and make peace at last, over all Primea loves her.

Primea to Khasisty: Has always and will always dote on her little sister and best friend despite their clashing differences she often tries to sir her in the right direction of her actions because well… Primea is smart but not always rational or sensitive to most demons who deserve it, and in doing so she will often try to prove it to her by going out ‘in arms’ by herself in harm, much to the annoyance to everyone including her ‘Mother’ at times, Khasisty knows the world she lives in know is dangerous than in ‘Life above’ but doesn’t let that stop her from trying to fight for herself and others at times, but it will often sparks arguments with her lil sister Primea causing her to glitch-out or act-out saying it’s too dangerous for her, even though it was her (Primea) that dragged her into it, often than not since she’s the oldest she has to do the scolding, but is too soft on her sometimes and lets her go on out on her because it makes her feel more mature. At times Khasisty feels like she can’t relate to Primea and will often leave her be while she hangs about in the asylums many rooms and recording studio, but some of it changed when she met Arackniss who she become intertwined with, much to Primea’s anger and disapproval, this often led to both of them arguing over its wrong to hang out with someone more dangerous than… well…anything and anyone, Khasisty knows that Primea cares about her emotional well-being more than physical; more than Primea knows it and more than Khasisty knows it they’re not so different than they thought, she will always try to comfort her little sister when she knows she needs it the most and when the time calls for it, she does indeed stick up for what she believes in and over all she will never stop loving her Primea.

Overall Dynamic: They have the kind of relationship what any sister would have…only in this case it’s sorta chaotic, somewhat dysfunctional and none-related by blood, they fight occasionally they don’t take responsibility for each other’s actions or their own (Primea), but they make up for it by getting rid of said problem together by any means for their own good of course, they are not just partners in crime or care-givers to one another (mostly Khasisty in a since) and partners in dance or singing when in the clubs or in fighting, they will often work together in a classic tag-team tactic with swift agility and precision to collect their quota aka Souls; they often than not work part time as demon assassins slaying those who are not fit to live on in Limbo or Paradise or the In-between, while not at that job, they spend their days either training or practicing on singing, dancing and or fighting and most of the days they spend it entertaining guests at the Asylum, there’s no place they rather be than home, and no one they rather be with than each other’s company.


-Khasisty will often sneak out of her room to meet with Primea to go to the mortal world and cause trouble and reminisce on old streets they lived on.

-Primea loves cute things and will spaz out about them, but doesn’t like to show this weakness to ANYONE not even Khasisty.

-Primea doesn’t get along with Parents and HATES them with a passion.

-Khasisty has passive-aggressive tendencies, like scratching up a wall while saying she’s fine, or rising her voice momentarily to keep cool.

-Khasisty has a thing for lace, wears clothing with it all the time.

-Primea secretly reads and watches yaoi.

-Primea loves s’mores and juice.

-Khasisty has a secrect kink for being bit or biting.

-Khasisty is a nymph type demon which is extremely rare in the limbo world and the in-between. Do not tell anyone.

-Khasisty hates people who pretend to act perky and perfect.

-Primea hates stuck-up brats and shitty kids in general.

-Primea can do summersaults and backhand springs as well as break dance.

-Khasisty’s favorite genre of music is eletro-swing, jazz, samba, Latin dance music and romantic Spanish guitar.

-Primea favorite genre of music is K-pop, pop, club late 200’s to hip-hop violin and songs from t.v shows and movies.

-Primea loves binge watching Hexflix.

Khasisty enjoys her rendezvous with Arackniss.

Arackniss belongs to VivzMind along with Zoophobia and Hazbin Hotel

Khasisty and Primea belong to Kaliko08
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